Modern Day Idolatry


Whenever someone says idolatry, I picture little golden statues that got the Israelites into so much trouble in the Old Testament and congratulate myself for being able to say I’ve never done that. Poor, dumb Israelites. We won’t even mention the early Christians in Rome who decided to give up Jesus for Diana and the like.

Something that’s easy to forget is that Christians are frequently guilty of idolatry on a daily basis. I’m not talking about the deed of actually bowing before some stone god.

I’m referring to whatever is placed above God in our lives. It can be Netflix, Facebook, sports, or even a person. I had to purge my life of a few idols recently. It wasn’t pretty. I didn’t go all Moses and smash a giant golden calf, but it was pretty close.

I love music. I’m a horrible singer, but that doesn’t stop me from belting out songs, anyway. My taste in music is probably the most varied of anyone you’ll ever meet. I’ll listen to and appreciate pretty much any music genre (although rap isn’t my favorite.)

I had a lot of different types of music on my phone, and I listened to them frequently. Let me be clear in saying that I by no means had anything explicit on my iPhone, but I was listening to a lot of different artists, mostly secular.

It wasn’t until I was scrolling through my library one day that I realized just how much I had. My secular music heavily outweighed my Christian and worship songs. It slowly dawned on me that it was distracting me from Jesus. It was trying to pull me away from Him, and I discovered with some disappointment that it was being successful. I was stuck in a place where I could choose one or the other.

It was no contest. I deleted them all and listen to strictly Christian music now.

The point of this post is not to get you all to go wipe every artist other than Hillsong on your iPod, so don’t write me off as a crazy blogger yet!

I’m merely suggesting that we all take a hard look at our lives to see what we’ve placed on our pedestal above God, and then pull an Elijah and destroy it. (There’s a reason so many different people destroyed idols. It was a big problem!)

It continues to be so today. What may be an “idol” for some may not be for others; mine just happens to be music. It may not be the same for other people, but we all have something that distracts us. The world in general will do whatever it can to pull us away from Jesus, and it will do so with whatever means necessary.

It’s up to us to realize what those idols are and say “No” to them. Smash them completely and give up this trend of modern day idolatry. We need to choose this day whom we will serve.