DIY Jewelry Holder


As farewell gifts for my professors, some friends and I got together and drew on mugs with Sharpies to say goodbye. We wrote a quote about teaching on one side and a personal quote from them on the other.


(The lighting cuts out the ink. I promise those words are “the” and to.”)

It was a fun project, especially considering the fact that I haven’t been able to indulge in my crafty side for quite some time, as I was busy finishing up my undergrad work and applying to grad school. It does have a downside, however.

Now I think I’m Martha Stewart.

It was thus when I needed a new way to store my earrings, I turned up my nose at plain old jewelry boxes and even cute ones on Etsy and the like, which promised unique offerings for anywhere from $25-$40.

I stared at one that was particularly appealing (and pricy) and thought to myself, “Pshh, I can make that.” So I did!

Armed with several tips from Pinterest, I set out.

I may be Martha Stewart Jr. now, but a professional blogger I am not. I don’t have pictures of the step by step process, only in the beginning and the final product…which I guess are the most important parts, yes?

I bought a cheap frame from the Dollar Store that was purple and hideous and painted it with black paint that I had already purchased a few weeks ago for making horns when I played Maleficent in my school’s Disney play.



I was also simultaneously organizing my other craft stuff (thus the Sharpies and craft basket) and reading (thus the book!)

Once the paint on the frame dried, I took the lace curtain that I had bought at Salvation Army for half off and cut it up. I left a lot of extra fabric around the frame so that I could pull the lace taut and it wouldn’t sag in the middle. (This took a few extra hands; thanks, Mom and Dad!)

Once the two of them had the lace pulled tightly around the frame, I took the Stapler and went to town around the back of the frame. I was worried that it wouldn’t hold, but since it was a cheapy little thing from the Dollar Store, the regular staples went right through and held tightly!

Annnnnnnd the final project….. *drum roll*



Ta-da! Honestly, the longest part was waiting for the paint to dry and then going through the actual process of hanging the earrings! I estimated that the entire project cost me about $2, a fraction of what Etsy or Target wanted. My only regret is that I underestimated how much jewelry I own; I need a bigger frame!

DIY is definitely my new addiction; I’ll be posting more! Stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “DIY Jewelry Holder

  1. SusannaAntihero

    That’s so pretty and clever! I always do the same thing, look at Etsy and think “I’m not paying that much for something I can make!” Of course, I usually never get around to making it. I love what you did though. Now I feel inspired to try my hand at some DIY crafts. 🙂


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